Henderson’s Relish Gin from Sheffield

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Henderson’s Relish Gin from Sheffield

Over the years, Sheffield has been known for a great many things. It’s been the home of steel production, host of the world’s first foHenderson's Relish Gin from Sheffieldotball tournament, the birthplace of Pulp, stage for the World Snooker Tournament and most recently, a haven for students. However, Sheffield has quietly taken on another reputation as one of the North’s boldest and most inventive producers of alcoholic drinks.

Perhaps best known for the breweries of Kelham Island and Thrornbridge, Sheffield has much to offer beyond beers. Indeed, it’s got some incredible gin distilleries too, most notably True North Brew Co, who recently launched their debut gin – the Sheffield Dry Gin.

Taking its name from the iconic dry gins of London, the Sheffield Dry Gin is anything but your run of the mill gin, and that starts with the company behind it.

Launched in 2012, True North Brew Co began brewing out of Welbeck Abbey brewery, crafting ever increasing runs of beers and monthly seasonal specials. Renowned for their quality and sometimes experimental nature, True North beers found a happy home in the city, as well as in discerning bars and pubs across the UK.

With their move to a city centre brewery, the company launched their gin first distillery. The year was 2014, and the company set about their task to produce the “perfect gin for a martini”, inspired by their countless years as bartenders and mixologists. It wouldn’t deserve the Sheffield name though if it didn’t make use of the city’s fine heritage.

To that end, True North’s gin is produced exclusively with local ingredients, including a secret blend of botanicals which can only be found in the Peak District. Together, these produce the subtle but unique flavour of Sheffield Dry Gin that’s renowned by gin fanatics across the world.

Oh, and because it’s from Sheffield, it even features a splash of Henderson’s Relish – the local sauce, similar in flavour to Worcestershire sauce (just don’t let them hear you saying that).

Each batch is limited to just 20 bottles, making Sheffield Dry Gin a pretty exclusive proposition, but if you’re lucky enough to wrap your lips around the delightful northern tipple… Well, you’re in for a treat.

We’re rather fond of this gin, the company behind it and the fact that it’s almost on our doorstep!

How does it taste?

The Smell is full juniper with a Henderson's Relish Gin from Sheffieldboozy backdrop, followed by a citrus kick at the back of the nose. The fragrance dissipates slowly and you are left with citrus and spice notes.

The taste is a very subtle, elegant flavour. Full for juniper and fruity notes, this gin is like a London Dry but packs a northern punch! It’s great with a slice of Orange, with a good tonic (we used Franklins & Sons) and large ice or in a Gin Martini Cocktail!

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