Gin Review: Windspiel Premium Dry Gin

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Windspiel Premium Dry Gin

If we’re being honest with ourselves, few of us find the potato to be one of the more charismatic vegetables. Delicious with a Sunday roast, yes, but the foundation of a high-quality gin? Well, that’s just downright unlikely… Or is it? Say hello to Windspiel’s Premium Dry Gin.

windspielginFounded in Germany by lifelong friends Sandra Wimmeler, Denis Lönnendonker and Tobias Schwoll, Windspiel came to life in 2008 when they tired of city life and moved into a farm together. What began as an elephant grass farm quickly turned to potato production, and it wasn’t long after that, gin in hand, they wondered whether they could turn their spuds into something a little tastier.

Of course, there’s no doubt that potato has a long and lustrous history as a base for spirits like vodka, but could it be used to create a luxurious, high-end gin?

The trio set to work, adding master distiller Holger Bolchers to their ranks as they went about their task. The first step would be for Tobias to harvest the potatoes, which were then sent to Holger, who grinds them up and mixes then with pure drinking water. The mash is then gently heated to trigger the conversion to sugar before being mixed with yeast to stimulate its conversion into alcohol.

From there, the liquid would be twice distilled in a large continuous still in order to raise the ABV and purify the spirit for a distinctive smooth and mild profile. Finally, it’s finished in a small 150lt still to smoothen the spirit further.

To create the gin, the quartet added each botanical element to the spirit separately and distilled as individual components. Following a few weeks rest, the team blend these individual distillates together before adding more spirit and cutting to bottle strength, resulting in an exclusive of around 800 bottles per run.

Naturally, the team are extremely guarded when it comes to the unique blend of botanicals which go into their premium gin, but they have let us mortals into a few of their secrets. Juniper, lemon zest, lavender blossom, cinnamon, ginger and coriander form the basis of this beautiful, elegant gin, but there’s so much more to it than that.

windspiel-premium-dry-gin-botanicalsAll in all after reading that, I’m sure you agree that the concept of this gin is quite something. If there was a ‘beautiful’ gin award this would surely win!  One of the things we hate at The Gin Emporium is style over substance, but luckily the beauty of the distillation, the brand and the way it’s present is all carried over into the gin itself.


On Taste:

Windspiel is one of the highest quality spirits we have tasted, beautiful in design and on the palette. Quite high in ABV with a strong 47% we were apprehensive in how this was going to be, but the taste is fruity.

Fruity juniper hits you the minute you try this gin, it sits at the front of your palette joined by spicy notes of ginger and coriander and cinnamon. This gin is clear, it’s refreshing and overall it’s very smooth! It tastes as premium as the brand looks, it lingers in your mouth but not in a sickly overwhelming way, but in a way that changes over time. The longer it remains; the more warmth you feel. Spiciness turns into a floral, blossom like perfume at the back of your throat.

windspiel-gin-wacholderThe juniper remains for the entire mouthful, it sticks around conducting the other flavours on how to behave, propping up cinnamon and keeping blossom from taking over the party!

This gin holds its own in a glass of tonic, add something sharp to enhance the flavours – Windspiel suggests Orange Zest and this works well but we also like cranberries as a companion with a good tonic water!

Windspiel is a premium gin, standing proud amongst a group of so many gins from around the world. Windspiel for us sticks out as something traditional yet decadent, exciting with a sense of grandeur. We can see this gin finding pride of place in some of the best bars in the UK – including ours of course!

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