Gin-eral Elections: Drown your political disappointments

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We think we can all agree it has been a crazy few weeks, from the snap general election to all the political campaigning… we don’t know about you but we are certainly in need a large gin!

GIN CLUBS BRISTOL, SHEFFIELD AND NOTTINGHAMSo we thought we’d provide them… after a few months of great Gin Clubs in Nottingham we have decided to stretch our wings to Bristol & Sheffield – it just so happens these clubs fall in the same week as the General Election. So why not drown your political disappointments, whatever they may be and head down to one of our fantastic nights!

We are serving up some crazy botanicals like Moss, Sea Kelp and Oak Resin in the form of delicious Nordic Gin all paired with gorgeous scandi plates of food from Recipe For Gluttony

We will be kicking off the evening with a delicious Gin Cocktail inspired by all things Nordic – it will be for you to decide which country the gin is from! Plus each gin comes with Tonic & a garnish and we will be showcasing Swedish Tonic Water at our Clubs. This is a wonderful brewed syrup that when added to soda water brings your gin alive!

We hope to see you at one of the events coming up next week!






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